Frequently asked Questions

  Our Distance Learning programmes are best suited for those who aspire to rise high in their professional lives, yet hardly have time to join a regular classroom course. You can pursue world-class education in biosciences and other professional fields without leaving the boundaries of your home or workplace.
  Universal school of Biosciences has designed the study material keeping in mind that working professionals get hardly any time to study. This self- explanatory and interactive study material is devised such that all you need to devote is a part of your leisure or weekends to efficiently pursue your studies.
How will the distance learning help me?
  Universal school of Biosciences Distance Learning programmes give you an opportunity to expand your knowledge base and acquire career enhancement. These programmes open up new career options and help you move up in life, faster than ever
What do you mean by "anytime, anywhere?"
  Students have the flexibility in distance learning to choose the location and time they wish to devote to advancing their education
When does the course start?
  Courses generally follow the standard academic calendar and start in spring ,summer autumn and Winter (January, April, July and October).
How do I get admission?
  Applying for any of our Distance Learning programmes is simple. All you need to do is to download the application form at or collect it from Universal School of Biosciences campus and send it duly filled with required credentials. Eligible candidates are automatically admitted.
Where are the examination centres
  Universal School of Biosciences arranges examination centres all across the nation so that you need not travel very far to take the examination.
How do I take and submit an assignment?
  Students are required to do assignment per subject (issued along with study materials). These are structured to test the knowledge and application of learning acquired through the study material provided by the Universal school of Biosciences. Students are also expected to utilize the library facility fully for additional reading material and self study. All these assignments, duly answered, are required to be submitted to Universal School of Biosciences  by due date.
Can I attend a few classes to clarify my doubts?
  Being a course designed to give freedom to work and study simultaneously, Personal Contact Programme (PCC) is not mandatory for the students; however interested students can attend the End Term at . How ever interested students can attend the End Term at Universal School of Biosciences Campus, wherever they are offered.
Can I break the studies in between?
  The main attribute of distance learning is that students can break their studies in between. In case you fail to appear in an exam for a particular year examinations, you can appear for the same along with the next examination
What happens if I fail?
  You will have to reappear in the exam but you have the conditions for re-registration and fees to be paid